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Carpet Buying Guide

How to buy a carpet

Let us help you pick the perfect

carpet for your space.

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Carpet Buying Guide

Today, carpets serve for many purposes. To collect antiques, warm your floors, or define your walls, etc. Given that, many-many types of carpets are now surfing the textile industry. Along with numerous carpet types, designs, sizes, manufacturers, etc. the art of buying a carpet has now become complex.

Harsh Carpets is bringing 5 Ms to buying the perfect carpet to fulfill your specific carpet goal. Read our carpet buying guide and welcome the perfect carpet to your homes.

Buy Carpets Depending on their Make

The first step is to decide the make of the carpet. This is the most important aspect of buying a carpet since it includes your purpose and wants. We will simplify the process in 2 steps.

Define the purpose of your carpet

The purpose of a carpet can just be decorative (floor, walls, indoor-outdoor carpets, etc.). or maybe driven by specific use (warming floors, noise cancellation, etc.). The different purposes would require different sizes. You will need to decide the measurements for the carpet that you are looking to buy. Most carpets are in rectangular shape and comes in standard sizes like 2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x7', 6'x9', 7'x10', 8'x10' and above.However, uncommon shapes can also be designed depending on the requirement.

Match your purpose with your wants

Now that you have established the purpose of your carpet, it's time to decide the kind of carpet you want. Decide the type (Kashmiri, Afghani, Persian,Modern etc.) ,the technique (handknotted,handwoven,handloom,handtuffted..etc)in which rug need to be made and the color (rust, bronze, multicolored, etc.) of the carpet you want. More intricate design involve greater workmanship which can be achieved using handknotted or handwooven technique consuming time both on the part of artist and weaver thereby determining the value of the carpet. However, other techniques can also be used depending upon customer requirement such as time factor,budget and durability.

Harsh Carpets have a big carpet warehouse filled with 1000+ carpets of different types, colors, and materials. Also, we make custom carpets to get you 100% satisfaction from the carpet you take home.

Buy Carpets Depending on their Material

The second step to take before buying a carpet is deciding its material. Carpets are made from many different materials using natural fibers like Silk, Wool, Cotton etc and also using many different man made fibers like synthetic, Felt, Nylon, Hide, etc. Our rugs are made from natural fibers,either wool, silk or cotton mainly because these fibers have better durability,luster and beauty which manmade fiber don't have. These different materials have different qualities like Silk is durable and soft, Wools are stain-resistant and so on.

Harsh Carpets manufactures all carpets with almost every material. Decide the material of a carpet that you are looking for, and move on to the next step.

Buy Carpets Depending on their Maintenance

Different Carpets involves different maintenance, depending on the material and the technique in which they are made. Generally all handmade carpets are low on maintenance as these are made with natural fibers like silk, cotton, wool which are stain resistant and also colours are fast which don't fade when used and washed. However, in terms of Strength, handmade rug made with handknotted technique last for a longer period.

Select your carpet depending on the maintenance that comes along with it.

Harsh Carpets offers the best carpet restoration and cleaning services to further your carpet's life-span and maintain its beauty. Free local delivery and pickup services are offered by Harsh Carpets so that you don't waste any precious quality time.

As mentioned before, carpets are often expensive due to their resale value. You must make a budget before buying a carpet. Money matters in 2 ways when it comes to purchasing a carpet.

Buy Carpets Depending Upon Budget

Your financial status

Before you buy a carpet, make sure you have the budget to spare on a rug.

Avoid scammers

You may have lakhs to spare on a carpet, however, you need to make sure that you are buying an original one. Many sellers copy the make and feel of original carpets and sell the cheap quality for a real carpet cost. To make sure you are not getting into a scam, avoid carpet sales, new manufacturers, etc.

Harsh Carpets manufactures and sells authentic carpets which can be put to carpet testing laboratories to prove their worth.

Buy Carpets Depending on their Manufacturer

The last but the most important aspect is to buy a carpet from recognized and genuine manufacturers. By doing so, you get the surety that your money is going in a safe place and that you will get your money's worth.

Harsh Carpets are in the market since generations and manufacturers 100% authentic carpets online, worldwide. You may directly visit our large carpet warehouse in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.

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How to buy a carpet

Let us help you pick the perfect

carpet for your space.