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Harsh Carpets Washing Company
Area Rug Cleaning By Hand
Rug Washing
All rugs are washed the old-fashioned way, by hand, one rug at a time.
Pet Odor & Pet Urine Odor Removal
We fully guarantee pet urine odor removal when our suggested protocols are followed.
Fiber Protection
Professional strength fiber protectors allow spills to remain on the surface of the fibers for brief time to allow for spill removal.
Rug Padding
Rug pads help extend the life of your rug. They absorb wear, help keep rugs from shifting, and filter gritty soil away from your floors.
Rug Repair
Whether your rug has suffered vacuum cleaner damage, excessive wear, or damage caused by a pet, we are here to help.
Pick-up & Delivery
Harsh Carpets offers free rug pick-up and delivery within Delhi NCR.
Our Pledge To You
We never use large wash tubs that can cause cross contamination.
This completely eliminates the possibility of pet urine or fugitive dyes migrating from other rugs on to yours. All rugs are washed the old-fashioned way, by hand, one rug at a time, with clean, fresh water and solutions that are safe for area rug yarns and dyes.
Harsh Carpets is committed to taking the time and care that each individual rug deserves
Because we wash each rug individually, we are able to determine a best methods? plan for each and every rug that comes in for care, altering our washing procedures to it the needs or special requirements of your rug wherever necessary
We Understand The Value Of Your Rugs
Harsh Carpets understands the value of your rugs.

Whether your rugs are of heirloom quality or not, you spent a lot of time selecting just the right look to decide each room of your home.
Professionally washing and repairing your rugs when necessary will keep them looking as good as the day you brought them home for many years to come. We wash and repair a large variety of rugs from all over the world.

Our carefully designed wash process is completely hands on and safe for wool, silk, cotton, linen, and other specialty yarns.