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The word tribal comes from the word tribe (belonging to a tribe). Tribes are a group of people who formed specific communities by sharing specific cultures, dialects, ethics, etc. Tribal rugs are known for their cultural representation in the form of weaves, designs, patterns, and material. They are well recognized for their eye gaging patterns and colors. These rugs can come from an Indian tribe, Tibetian tribe, Mangolian tribe, and so on.

We at Harsh Carpets have traveled across the world to adopt different tribes and their rugs. Later, they trained their loom workers to form the exact authenticity in rugs. These rugs are driven by Turkish, Indian, Kazakhs, etc. to entertain rug enthusiasts in the world.

Buy 100% original tribal rugs online at Harsh Carpets. Get the tribal feel and flourish the same in your home's air. We also customize carpets and rugs according to your desires. Our weavers give an apt amount of time (months and years) to bring forth your beloved rug. We make and fold these rugs with complete COVID precautions, keeping in mind your health.

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4'.9 ft x 6'.6 ft / 146cm x 198cm

45,000 ₹

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5'.1 ft x 7'.0 ft / 155 cm x 213 cm

45,000 ₹

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4'.0 ft x 6'.0 ft / 122 cm x 183 cm

35,000 ₹