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Taj Hamadan silk rug

Superiorly knotted handknotted rug with a detailed craftsmenship being one of the elegant piece of art produced over time called Taj Hamadan.This Oriental rug will never go out of style and would be among your most valuable treasures.This rug is best at living room
origin: Handmade in India (Kashmir)
Type: Hand-knotted
Category: Silk
Color: Blue
Size: 4'.0 ft x 5'.11 ft / 122 cm x 180 cm
Design: Hamadan
Price: 89,000 ₹

Product Details

Handknotted silk rug called Taj Hamadan are known for their high quality and are regarded among the most expensive in the world. Persian Taj Hamadan rugs are often considered as valuable treasurer, because of its constantly increase in value.These were primariy manufactured in Qom Province of iran which nearly 100 km from tehran
  • Item Number:SC5326
  • Rug Material:   Silk 
  • Foundation: cotton 
  • Pile:   Silk 
  • Rug type: Handmade 
  • Construction technique: Hand-knotted  
  • Pattern: Taj Hamdan
  • Rug style: Traditional & classic 
  • Sizes ( fts): 4' ft x 5'.11 ft 
  • Sizes (cms): 122 cm x 180 cm 
  • Knots count: 400knots per sqinch(approx)  
  • Main colours: Gold with Blue

Clean & Care:

Make sure that you vacuum regularly in the right direction of the pile. Clean the liquid which is spilt immediately with the help of a damp cloth or even a sponge for better cleaning. For stains which are completely hard to remove, you need to have a professional cleaning rug which is recommended. Avoid all the direct and continuous exposure to sunlight to make sure that the spoilage is not dried. All of the rugs that we have are professional washed and made sure that they are checked by individuals before they are leaving out of the warehouse. This rug is currently in stock with us and it even contains free shipping which is worldwide.

Please Note:

We try our best to make sure that only the accurate most rugs are displayed. When you get the actual product, there might be a slight variation happening with the colour than what is displayed on your screen because most of the time your computer can cause the colour to fluctuate. Please note that the length and even the width may vary as well from the published dimensions which we provide when you are browsing through the site, but we always strive to provide you with the accurate measures, as much as we can.