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Oriental or Persian rug

Harsh Carpets, 24/01/2020

If there was a single intrinsic aspect to describe an Oriental rug, it would be family. You may think that family and an Oriental rug don’t necessarily have much in common, yet on the contrary they share a plethora of intrinsic properties. Family has certain inherent traits such as history, tradition, foundation, and memory. When one thinks of family, nostalgic feelings of love and upbringing take form. The smell of your mother’s cooking; the layout of your bedroom; the rug decorating your grandparents’ living room—family takes a multitude of forms. Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned veteran, an Oriental rug isn’t a simple purchase; no, it’s gaining an addition to your family. An Oriental rug will last generation after generation, either resting in the background or adorned for vene...Read More

The superiority of Handmade Rugs over Machine Made

Harsh Carpets, 25/01/2020

Nothing makes a house feel like a home than when it is filled with loved ones and treasured items. After all, it's the simple things at home that tell a story of thoughtful curation and craftsmanship. As a globally inspired brand of carpets and rugs, Harsh Carpets is here to answer one of the most commonly asked questions on why handmade carpets are better than machine-made rugs. Here are five reasons why: Handmade carpets are more durable As with most things, the handcrafted aspect means that extra care goes into making each carpet and rug. Unlike with machines, handcrafting anything requires much longer time, but the slower process promises a more considered approach with every thread – resulting in better-made and higher quality carpets that are more durable. Handmade carpets are one of a kind It's common knowledge that mass and machine-made items lack personality. And what's worse than filling your home with ordinary or identical pieces that others can get their hand...Read More

Welcome to the harsh carpet

Harsh Carpets, 31/01/2020

Over and over we've touched upon how an Oriental or Persian rug can be a perfect item for any Interior designer. Whether it's professional, amateur or somewhere in-between, these carpets are meant to flourish up any setting. This week we're diving a bit deeper into the Interior Design world to show you what popular trends can harmonise with these carpets. An Oriental rug can be the finishing touch you need to flesh out your living room. Emboldened designs, flashy--or muted--colours, and an incomparable presentation can add a zesty touch to a now "dialled back" interior. If you're seeking a trendy approach, this could be right up your alley. And what about the dining room? After all, the living room isn't the only customisable area in your household. The dining room is similar to the living room in its purpose for presentation: to add a touch of splendour in an area you commonly spend time in. For the living room, y...Read More