"We provide our services in the most convenient and efficient manner. We deem it essential to establish relations with our clients and understand their expectations. A bare and unfurnished house can be converted into your dream house by beautifying the most integral element, the interior, the rugs and the carpets."

Harsh Carpets has grown to be one of the most phenomenal makers of handmade carpets and rugs in Asia. Established in 1980, we provide the interior of your house with the best handmade carpet that will give a stunning and profound elegance. With our foundations set deeply in the qualities of innovative excellence and corporate professionalism, we have become masters in the realm of handmade silk carpets, wool carpets, Afghan rugs and rug restoration, repair and carpet washing. We have taken inspiration and knowledge from the age old art of weaving the highest quality of carpets and rugs.

We have transcended all boundaries and become the largest professional producers of the finest quality rugs. We have garnered an extensive inventory of exclusive hand knotted rugs, Afghan rugs, silk rugs, wool rugs, Egyptian rugs, durries, modern carpets. All our products are accessible to the buyers online. We are pioneers in providing rug rentals. Harsh carpet is the exclusive establishment that can provide you with the service of long term and short term rug rentals at an affordable price. The gallery of our collections is vast and we welcome everyone to explore the reams of beautiful hand knotted rugs. We believe in catering to the needs of our customers all over the world. We believe in not only enhancing the interior with our carefully knotted and innovatively designed rugs but also delivering them at your doorstep

Founder’s Mentality in Action
We proudly present this new video by Bain and Company that divulges into the heart and soul of Harsh Carpets. Watch now to experience how reconnecting with our weavers helped revive and expand our company's insurgency and its innovative spirit.